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Meet the “Lip Sync for Lungs Live Battle!” Contestants

  Bryant Bass   |   Gonzalo Mejia  |   Kendal Fordham  |   Jessica Morgan   |  Matt Yost

Bryant Bass
with special guest Matthew Malone

Head Coach, Orangetheory Fitness

Coach Byrant: “Lung health is a vital part in living a healthy and happy life, and if you’ve ever attended one of my classes at OTF, you know I encourage you to control your breath.  The ability to breathe freely is an important part of an active lifestyle and one of the reasons I’m excited to participate in this event and support the work of the American Lung Association.”

Matthew Malone: “The American Lung Association is a great organization! People don’t realize how important lung health really is for longevity and quality of life. My Grandfather had emphysema and it really had a negative impact in his life. He’s wasn’t able to do all the things he really wanted to do with his grand kids because of it. I remember in his death bed he told me how important it is to keep your lungs healthy throughout your whole life and I have never forgotten that moment. Thanks to the American Lung Association, they are making it known how important this truly is!”

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Gonzalo Mejia

Vice President and Managing Broker, Watson Realty San Marco

I have been a supporter of the American Lung Association, because I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and supports a smoke free environment. I have been personally touched by this issue, my mother was a 2 times cancer survivor when the third time it reached her lungs. It was a battle she couldn’t win. I am ready to honor her memory by delivering a message of hope for a healthier tomorrow.

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Jessica Morgan
with special guests Vicky Lane and Megan Kilis

Communications Director, Jax Moms Blog

The American Lung Association is a cause close to my heart. My twin brother, James, was born with Asthma. I have seen him struggle with breathing problems our entire lives. I will gladly do anything to make his life easier, as well as the other 15 million people suffering from this lung disease.

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Kendal Fordham
with special guest AJ Cann

Financial Advisor, Raymond James

I don’t support the American Lung Association because of a live changing, lung related experience. Our family has been fortunate enough to avoid such an occurrence thus far. It was the people: The employees, members, & volunteers that embraced us and educated us into this cause. As someone who has always found value in giving back I have never been part of a community that functions so much like a family. The magical mixture of creativity, resourcefulness, work ethic, and friendship is what attracted us to American Lung Association and it’s the glue that will keep us here for years to come.

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Matt Yost

Director, Superfit Foods

My participation with the American Lung Association is fueled by a desire to improve the quality of life throughout our populations in as many ways possible! Personally, growing up as a heart patient, I’m aware of how any medical situation can effect one’s life as well as their families, and I’d love to use my experience & resources to assist others! There are many ways to help those in need, as well as enhance the prevention of others being effected, and if I can DANCE to help, sign me up!

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